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Pico V2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1. What is the recommended resistance value?
  • Relatively high resistance value of 0.8 Ω to 1.2 Ω is recommended.
    It is better to choose the resistance value according to the flavor or the ratio of the liquid.
    v2 has a wider choice of airflow compare to the v1. You can choose from tight draw to a relatively light draw.
    Also, the holes where the liquid touches the cotton are also large enough to supply high VG liquid.
    You can enjoy rebuilding pico v2 and exploring the resistance value that matches the liquid you like.
  • Q2. How do you build the pico v2?
  • Introducing detailed build method with the following movie.
  • Q3. Is it possible to exchange wicks and rebuild even if liquid inside the tank?
  • It is possible. Even when the tank is filled with liquid, you can access coils and cotton by pulling out the deck from the bottom.

  • Q4."Check Atomizer" will be displayed. Please tell me the measures.
  • There is a possibility that each part is not securely tightened and there is a gap. Please disassemble and tighten each part tightly.

    Disassembly and assembly of Pico V2
    If the 510 contact of the MOD is not spring loaded type, the positive pin of the pico v2 may be pushed up from the bottom and contact may not be enough. We recommend to use spring loaded MOD which contacts can move according to the length of the positive pin.
  • Q5. Sometimes it leaks. Is there any countermeasure?
  • Solution may be found by checking the folowing.

    - Check the PEEK insulator in the base part (the metal part located at the bottom) installed correctly
    - Check each part is sufficiently tightened.
    - Make sure that O-ring is properly installed.
    - Make sure that enough cotton is installed.
    - Check that the cotton is properly touched with the holes of the chamber.
  • Q6. There is a gap between AFC ring and top (or bottom) parts.
  • It is explained by following movie (at 10:40 to 11:00). Remove the base part once, adjust the looseness of the chamber by turning the deck a little.

    Build Pico V2(YouTUBE)
  • Q7. Please tell me how to use MTL Kit.
  • MTL Kit
    There are 3 sizes of 1.2 mm / 1.5 mm / 2.0 mm in one bag. Choose your favorite size and nsert in the center air hole of the deck part to use it.
    When installing the MTL Kit, adjust the position of the coil slightly higher than usual. (Approx 2mm from MTL Kit)
  • Q8. Is the v2 compatible with Pico v1?
  • The topcap has compatibility.
    You can use the topcap as it is. Use the V1 compatible O-ring(thicker O-ring supplied with v2) when using the V1 tank with V2. There will be a slight gap when using V2 tank with V1.
  • Q9. Is there any community of pico owners?
  • YES. There is a Pico community on the Facebook. Please join the group for information exchange etc.

    >>Pico RTA Official Facebook Page
    Pico RTA Group(English)
  • Q10. Is there any document that allows us to view products in detail?
  • Please refer the spec sheet below.
    - Pico RTA V2 Spec Sheet