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PROMIST VAPOR zirconia ceramics tweezers (Full Black)

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PROMIST VAPOR zirconia ceramics tweezers (Full Black)

PROMIST VAPOR original brand full black Ceramic tweezers enables you to work delicately in your rebuildable atomizer deck.

You can heat your coil while picking up with this tweezers because the zirconia ceramic which has no electric leads adopted in the point part.

Ceramics are excellent in heat resistance, it is strong for heat and ideal for working with hot coils.

The tip is easy to use straight sharp type.  This full black ceramic tweezers has high visibility and convenient even in working environments with rebuildable atomizer deck part and coils with many silver colors.

※ Zirconia ceramics used for tips are likely to be chiped because they are brittle compared to metals.  In case of chipping or damage due to deterioration, you can purchase spare chips separately.

length: 128.2mm
Weight: 21g

Grip: Stainless steel
Tips: Zirconia ceramics